Crypto Wallet App

The new generation of crypto wallet. You are in control of your coins. Monitor your digital assets with the latest market prices and use your wallet to send, receive and exchange cryptos

dPay app

Unique payment app for merchants. Accept cryptos in your store and choose between two different models. Merchants can choose to get their payouts in FIAT automatically.

Hard wallet

Our hardware wallet keeps your funds safe and encrypted. You are not liable to exchange hacks and similar events and are in control of your coins. We also have price charts and balances tab to keep you up to date with your investments. Our wallet supports BTC, ETH, XRP and soon many more.

Store fiat on blockchain

Our technology enables you to load fiat and store in on our wallet. We use blockchain to store your fiat balances. This makes us the first fully decentralized fiat-crypto wallet. Your funds are protected by blockchain technology. They are also safe from tampering from third parties. We offer dEUR and dUSD as your fiat basis depending on your preferences. You can use these fiat coins on our dPay point-of-sale terminals. You can also conveniently send your friends and family money in just a couple of clicks.

Buy crypto using fiat

Once you have loaded fiat into your wallet, you can use it to purchase all the coins available in our wallet by single click of a button. Soon the crypto-to-crypto exchange will be integrated so you can exchange your coins for one another.

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